creative-geniusI am a Professional Ass-kicker. That’s what I do and if you hire me for a non-writing gig that’s what you’ll get. I have received awards for nurturing ambition and my CV has fancy words on it like Manager, Director, College Lecturer, Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur, Counsellor, Careers Advisor, Guidance Consultant, Record Label Boss, Mentor to Mercury music Prize Winning Artist and X Factor performers –  But essentially the jobs are all the same and I have been doing them for over 30 years. If you are at point A and you want to get to point Z, pay me and I will kick your Ass.



Just 20 minutes talking with you and I am inspired. Wow. (Ekanem Ebinne, American Opera Singer and PhD student)

Truthful, pertinent and useful. I keep notes when we talk so I’m inspired for weeks afterward. Definitely recommend you.
(Julie Noble, Author, Common People Anthology – edited by Kit de Waal)