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Dominic JP Nelson-Ashley is firmly established as a spoken-word artist who delivers consistently electrifying performances.

His work frequently tackles the issues of  black fatherhood, role models, mental health, sickle cell and nature vs nurture.

‘Poetry to remember, full of the rhythms of living music and lived experience, all in a genuine voice with images and words that resonate long after the page is turned or the performance over. Dominic JP Nelson-Ashley has something to say and he does it with both exuberant verve and studied craft.’ Andy Willoughby.

‘Brilliant poetry collection. Full of belters. Witty wonderful poems.’ Francesca Beard.

Original Soundtrack is a book to read back stage, in the near dark by the curtains, smoking a last cigarette before walking directly out into the light. It’s a book of rhythm and rebellion, part biography and part scratched vinyl. It’s a roar of a read, poetry that teaches us to remember our feet, and to dance.’  Joelle Taylor.

Original Soundtrack explores a life lived through and punctuated by music, linking the personal with the collective, these poems have an energy and vibrancy drawn from the Ska, Funk and Soul tracks that inspired them, and move between protest and social commentary to comic observations to celebratory odes and tender elegies.’  Bob Beagrie. 

His books can be found at the BOOK LIST.

He is also Afro House Music Producer DOMINEEKY , Teacher, Radio Show Host, and an Award-winning Social Entrepreneur .

He has mentored recording artists and creative practitioners for over 25 years on motivation & sustainable creative practice / career planning for creative people.

email: blackbritishfiction@gmail.com