Can’t you read the signs?

Can’t you follow instructions?


No crowd surfing.

No being carried along by the music.

No dirty stinking bass.


No Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay.

No stepping forward,

cutting off the ring and jabbing.


No worshipping of Martin Luther King part 2:


the one fighting poverty,

uniting all colours of working class.


There will be no crowd surfing here.




Are you listening?

Are you deaf?


Mary Seacole, Haiti Revolution 1804,

King Musa of Mali 1280 -1337

The richest man who ever lived.


Charles Drew 1904-1950

Surgeon developed ways to store plasma

Who resigned over blood segregation.


Where is your heart?

What is pumping through your veins?

How are you riding?




No crowd surfing.

No standing on the shoulder of giants


to get a better view of your apocalypse,

the waves of impending doom.


Save yourselves.

Women and children last.




Why can’t you read

the history books written on your behalf?